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Voice Investment Partner

   We all know that a VIP is a Very Important Person, which can mean any number of things about that person. A VIP is often a person of influence or status, a person who is highly valued and respected. Here at The Voice Radio, a VIP is a Voice Investment Partner, and we believe, all of those other things as well.

    You see, a Voice Investment Partner has chosen to stand financially with The Voice Radio by setting up automatic monthly giving using their debit or credit card. Fifty percent of our operating budget comes from such faithful Partners. Even if you can only afford five, ten, fifteen or twenty dollars, added to everyone else’s monthly five, ten, fifteen or twenty dollars (or more) it becomes an amount we can count on to build our budget on. That not only makes you a Voice Investment Partner, it also makes you a Very Important Person to the ministry and we highly value and respect you!

   Plus, your influence in the Kingdom of God is extended throughout the world as we stream our broadcast online, around the globe. Giving is secure and easy! Make sure you select “automatic giving” from the drop-down menu on the VIP page at Thank you for becoming a Voice Investment Partner—a Very Important Person, indeed. May God’s blessings overflow as you’ve blessed us.

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