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Our History

Pentecostal Revival Center was founded in September 1973 because there was no Full Gospel church in the area at that time. In 1973, Basil Crippen, one of the original founders of the church was working on an elderly woman’s property. She came outside and asked that he take her to church with him the following Sunday. He simply answered that he didn’t have a church to go to in the area and didn’t put much thought into it. Sometime later the elderly woman passed away and he was left feeling regret for not taking her to church one last time. This situation became a stirring that motivated a small group of people to begin to meet and a church was birthed. The church was founded with the goal that the Spirit of God could flow freely.


On June 23, 2002, Pastor Ken Schoonover, a man fresh out of Valor Christian College in Columbus, OH with a degree in Pastoral Studies, came to pastor Pentecostal Revival Center. When he arrived at Pentecostal Revival Center, God had big plans to change the small church with only 12 people in regular attendance.

In 2002 Kids World Ministry was founded by Pastor Ken and his wife Amanda Schoonover. The children’s ministry began to rapidly grow and still continues to grow. With the spiritual needs of the kids being met in children’s ministry the need for youth ministry became apparent. Commission Youth was founded in 2003 by Pastor Ken Schoonover to minister to the youth in the local community. In 2004 Kids World Daycare & Preschool began with just one child and Pastor Ken and Amanda’s vision to have a Christ-centered facility where children could be both cared for and educated. Kids World Daycare & Preschool continues to grow as well with Amanda Schoonover as the Executive Director ensuring that children are given quality care in an educational atmosphere.


Harvest of Hope International was founded by Pastor Ken in 2004 as a missions outreach to 10 countries including the US. The goals of Harvest of Hope are to meet the people’s spiritual needs and their physical needs by providing food, education, and medical care. 

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