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  Ken Schoonover Jr. was raised in a Christian home and began serving the Lord as a young boy. At the age of thirteen he knew God had called him into the ministry and following high school graduation he began preparation to become a pastor entering into studies at Valor Christian College. With his degree in Ministerial Arts, he returned to Westfield, Pa in June of 2002 to begin his pastorate and became an area director for World Harvest Church Ministerial Alliance. With a God-given vision placed in his heart and the leadership of the Holy Spirit, his journey began as Senior Pastor of Pentecostal Revival Center.


  Soon he became founder and president of Break The Chains Ministries, having a weekly program airing Monday through Friday and then advancing into a weekly television program, which aired on Sundays. Going forward as God directed he founded the Kids World Daycare in 2004, which is part of the Pentecostal Revival Center campus. With a heart for reaching souls, he also founded Harvest Of Hope International, which helps to support the mission field in Central and South America. In 2008 he started a food distribution program and became the founder of The Compassion Center, which is open every month to meet the needs of those in local, and surrounding areas.




  With the visionary that he is, he continued to expand the ministry and became the founder of senior housing known as The Heritage Center, which is also part of the 17-acre campus.


   Pastor Schoonover is multi-talented and a very anointed and dynamic speaker, teacher, vocalist, pianist, and a great businessman. Gifted also with skills in carpentry he has personally brought change and beauty to all of the facilities on campus. Along with all of the responsibility that a pastor carries in the day-to-day operations he has a lovely wife, Amanda that truly is a helpmate and supports him and his ministry, and three beautiful daughters. He also has a growing congregation that loves and appreciates him for all he does and for being the example of perseverance, determination, and commitment to serving the Lord.

Amanda Schoonover

Executive Director of Kids World Daycare

   Amanda is the wife of Pastor Ken Schoonover Jr. and the First Lady of Pentecostal Revival Center. She has a God-given gift and love for children together with her husband founders of Kids World Daycare, in 2004, which is a daycare and preschool STAR 2 rated facility. Under her direction children are given quality care with an educational atmosphere. Amanda worked with the children’s church program for many years. She is very talented in doing human videos. She also leads the Women's Ministry group at PRC, planning annual women retreats and organizing the Secret Sister program. 


   Amanda loves and supports her husband both in ministry and in the home. She is an excellent mother of three beautiful daughters and a great example to other young women of what a godly wife and mother should be. Every day, she is an example of love, courage, strength, commitment, and perseverance. She believes that every woman is a vital part of the family and should strive to be a woman of God by using Proverbs 31 as their guide.




 Ken Schoonover - Lead Pastor

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