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Welcome to Faith Family Ministries

The Church Love is Building

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Hello The Voice  Radio Listeners

    Welcome friends to Faith Family Ministries home of The Voice Radio, Pentecostal Revival Center (Our Home Church), Kids World Daycare, The Compassion Center (Our Food Distribution Center), and The Heritage Apartments (Our Senior Housing). Our Ministries are invested in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and in building you up in your faith. Whether you need a fresh touch of God, the perfect atmosphere to worship, spiritual or natural food, we are here to invest in you! Feel free to contact us with any questions and get connected by clicking on the connect tab at the top of the page to check out all we have to offer! Thank You for listening to The Voice Radio 107.1 Fm and for your financial support to continue the work God has placed in our hands!


Pentecostal Revival Center

Service Times:

Sunday Morning Service 10 AM

Mid Week Collide Wednesday 6:30 PM October - April

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 8-4PM

Upcoming Events


The Compassion Center

We go LIVE on Facebook at 10 AM for our Sunday Morning Church Services,  If your unable to attend, then were inviting you to join us right from your living room! Send us a comment or like during service and let us know your there supporting the vision! 


Community Share will be December 8th and 9th from

9 am to 12 Pm. Our building will be open to the public for normal distribution set up! 

Free Turkey or Ham Blessing

Join us for

Missions Sunday on

December 20th. 

Are you interested in what PRC can do from halfway around the world? Then come check it out at 10 AM!

The Compassion Center in Westfield PA will be open for community Share on December 8th and 9th and we would like to give your family a FREE Turkey or Ham for the Holiday Season! Please arrive between 9 am and 12 PM on these two days while supplies last.

Communion Sunday

Every first Sunday of the Month is Communion Sunday! We encourage you and your family to join us as we give thanks to the Lord for his sacrifice and partake of Holy Communion in remembrance of the body and blood of Jesus that was broken and poured at the cross. Our next communion service is on December 6th at 10 AM.


Personal Testimonies:

  I haven’t had a chance to talk with you personally since I joined the church, but I truly believe I was meant to attend The baptism back in December & find God for myself. All my life I wanted to believe in God, but always found myself questioning him with some tragic things that have happened in my life over the years. I’ve always had this hole in my heart & this void in my mind. For years I tried filling them up with the distractions of the outside world. During the time I first attended PRC in December I put myself in a bad situation where I started experimenting with drugs. I didn’t want to become an active user or start an addiction for myself because I had lost too many friends & family members already plus with me majoring in social work to become a substance abuse counselor I was one of the few that wanted to try & help break the stigma, but unfortunately on one of my weakest nights I put myself in a position where I tried heroin & I immediately knew I was trapped.


   I had only done it twice & then ended up attending baptism service at PRC & have been clean ever since. I was headed down a long & dangerous road & God saved me. He loved me so much that he saved me, even tho I always questioned & disobeyed him he still chose to save me. I haven’t stopped thanking or praising him since. Coming to the church saved my life. I’m a whole new person, a better version of myself & I couldn’t be happier. I no longer feel empty, alone, or depressed. I’ve struggled with depression/anxiety all my life, but ever since I found the church I’ve stopped going to counseling & taking my meds & call the church my therapy. Thank you Schoonover family & Pentecostal Revival Center for changing my life for the better.❤️


I am the Lord, the God of all people. Nothing is too difficult for me. (Jeremiah 32:27)

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