Harvest of Hope International

Harvest of Hope International is a missions outreach that is supported by Pentecostal Revival Center and was founded by Pastor Ken Schoonover in 2004. Harvest of Hope is currently meeting the needs in 10 countries including the US. As you drive up the driveway to the church campus you will see all of the country's flags flying as a symbolic reference of what God is allowing Pentecostal Revival Center to do. Harvest of Hope has two main goals as a ministry. One is to meet the people's spiritual needs by preaching the Gospel to the people. The second goal of Harvest of Hope International is to meet the people's physical needs by providing for their physical and educational needs. 

Pastor Jose Alvarez serves as the director of Harvest of Hope International and has a ministry called Kitchen of Love (KOL) that meets the physical needs of the people. KOL provides meals, education, and medical care for the people in these countries. Harvest of Hope was founded to make the efforts of Pastor Jose Alvarez stronger. It is Pastor Ken Schoonover's desire that the mission "does more than simply send somebody to perform missionary work, but instead make sure that they connect heart-to-heart with the people they're trying to help."